Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Long Island Vacation part 2

Ok, so I may weigh my yarn on meat counters, but check out, if you will, Ann's microwave.

Your eyes do not deceive you! That is bread, being stashed, in the microwave. While I would like for this to demonstrate what a nut Ann is (compared to me and my crazy sock yarn business) all it really does is demonstrate what a great cook she is. Hello? She never uses her microwave to microwave stuff! You know what's in my microwave? Splatters. Hundreds and hundreds of splatters.

Not that anyone who had tried her food would argue about Ann's culinary skills. She is one of those people that can make the simplest things grand and the grandest things divine. I am only sad that I said I was trying to watch my weight, because that meant I was "spared" a sampling of her fine desserts. Thank god it was Kathleen's birthday! After all, "birthday" cake has half of the calories of "what the hell" cake.

While she was making the cake, Ann shared with us on of the secrets to fantastic desserts: fastidiousness! When Martha says the carrots should be shredded to a quarter inch... Ann makes sure they are!

This one makes the grade, only 97,684 left to check

Later that evening, after the cake was resting, I tried my hand at wrangling Proud Mary. I am mulling over the idea of getting a wheel at Rhinebeck this year, and wanted to try one out beforehand.

Here are the lumpy, kinky, over/under twisted fruits of my labor. What I can see in this skein is a vast improvement from the first half to the second. This is very encouraging.

Waking up Sunday morning I couldn't help but remember the day before: Ah yes. Lounging by the surf. Soaking up the rays. Forgetting to adequately sunblock.

One of my tats. A peacock, also my symbol for "air" ... others on my back include a goldfish (water), a dragon (fire), and a sort of lily (earth)

This pic doesn't even come close to the true color of the burn, which didn't bloom fully until Monday. I couldn't lift my arms above shoulder height, my bra was excruciating. I am still peeling. Don't forget plenty of sunblock!

Soon after, Kathleen and Nancy showed up for some swimming, noshing, and knitting. I don't know who couldn't have fun with this bunch! I think I ripped out the same 20 rows of the Dolman three times from missing increases amid all the great gabbing.

Super fun!

Unfortunately, within a couple of hours I had to cut and run. Nancy and I rode the train in to Penn together and then I hopped a train back to DC. Sorry to go, and much better for the visit.

Can I just say that knitbloggers are the absolute best? I had such fun with Ann, and it was only the second time we ever met (the first was for, like, an hour). Thanks again, Ann, for the hospitality and friendship!

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