Thursday, July 07, 2005

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I would like to interrupt this knit blog while I express my sorrow at the recent supposed terrorist attacks in London. I can only imagine the horror of being in a subway station—on the way to work, thinking about one's breakfast or weekend plans— only to be literally rocked from that by the sudden rush and confusion of fire, shrapnel and glass. Today, the DC subways are being guarded by machine gun-toting police and bomb-sniffing dogs, so even if I wanted to be unaffected, oblivious, and apathetic about what has happened across the globe, I cannot.

I certainly hope that Bush does the right thing and supports Blair in his time of need the way he did us. He really "hung them out" for us, and I would like to think our President has at least compassion and sense enough of the world community to do the same.

I hope I don't just hear a bunch of "I told you so"s about how right it is to stay in Iraq, and instead hear a bunch of pledges to support and aid Londoners in any way possible. But until he makes such a pronouncement, I would like to express my deepest condolences and pledge my support (such that it is) and I invite anyone else who can, does the same.


Thank you for letting me take this moment. Tomorrow, I will be back to finished sweaters, wrap progress, and possibly some booties. (Thank you Wendy for the great link. It should work very well.)

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