Friday, July 08, 2005

FO alert...

The Bijoux Sweater is finished! And, it fits!

The triumphant "Rachael"

Pattern - Oat Couture's Bijoux Blouse
Pattern Source - Herrschner's (but you can find it allll over)
Yarn - Lion Brand Jiffy in Black
Mods - Intentionally, none. However, the yarn is fuzzy and hard to swatch and I suspect my row gauge was off a bit, because my neckline isn't so much "scooped" as "swooped." The yarn was an unfortunate choice. It has all the trouble of mohair (read: crap gets stuck in/to it really easily) with none of the benefit. But, I can throw it in the wash, so maybe it will work out.

Sorry it isn't a better picture, but it has been raining and it is summer and this sweater is black. All factors have conspired to prevent a good pic.

I am crossing my fingers that this lovely FO signifies the end of my own personal sweater curse.

The next step? I think it is a cautious Dolman Updated. In gray Pattons Classic Wool. Please, cross your fingers and send good sweater karma my way.

In other news, there isn't much.

Last night I had a fun gab and knit night with the spinnin' superstar, Linda. (I believe there is some phrase about ducks and water? That is totally Linda and spinning!) I spent the evening working on a project that still, sadly, must remain secretsecretsecret.

I haven't started the baby booties yet, and the Sunshine Wrap is still stalled at 3 of 4 repeats.

This weekend I am hoping to do a little bit of drawing (gotta sharpen that saw) and some yarn shop-hanging with Lara. If I can get a good hike in, all the better.

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