Tuesday, July 20, 2004

At last...

Salt Peanuts is done.

click here for the big picture
Unfortunately, she is a mostly un-photogenic and unflattering sweater. This is because I made her one (and one-half) sizes too big, and also a little because I have never set in such complex sleeves and likely messed it up a little. NOTE: she is not quite as wonky as she looks in the picture—I took it at an angle.
But, I learned cabled decreases (love them), lace (love that, too), and got some practice on my decreases and increases (not such a big fan). The best 'learn' was weaving the ends into the seams. I love this! So much more meditative than trying to invisibly weave into purl bumps before the seams are done.
I tried about a dozen different pictures, and they just weren't acceptable. The closest I got was this one (which was actually taken before the ten frillion ends were woven in).

Notice how one side appears longer than the other? I noticed this on almost every SP I saw, and made extra sure that my fronts were identically sized. It is just the way the sweater insists on hanging. One side or the other always looks an inch or two longer.
Other notes:
  • I did tack down the collar in three places: at each shoulder seam and in the back on the collar seam. Still doesn't keep the collar down.

  • As mentioned above, shoulda made a smaller size.  I always think I am much huger than I am. But then, in pictures, I always look three sizes bigger than I imagine myself to be. Anh.

  • Despite all of its shortcomings, the sweater will probably be an excellent snuggler in the fall. The cotton tape is warm but springy. The sweater really wants to drape alluringly, it is (or I am?) just a little too bulky for that.

  • It is impossible to photograph the variegated color of this yarn. When Linda saw it last night she was surprised by how much green there is in it. Flash or no flash it is all washed out on film.  It is almost a different color completely outside than in.

I bought some ridiculously extravagant yarn to make a not-quite-colinette poncho. I will post pictures in the next couple of days. Also, nearing the point in the Eyelet where I will attach the sleeves to the body.

After the sizing debacle with SP I decided to take measurements before starting anything else.  I learned that I am just too huge for the Jo Sharp pattern. This is a small bit of a relief, as that is one less project I want to finish this summer. I will focus instead on the Classic Elite Premiere shell that I got in Phoenix. By next spring, I will be all over that Jo Sharp... If the Elliptical doesn't kill me in the meantime.

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