Thursday, July 22, 2004

Great Book Redistribution?

Non-Knitting content first:

I buy a lot of books.  Not unlike my stash, I tend to buy more than I can immediately use.  Once upon a time, I made a point to almost always buy used books (as this made my habit more affordable) but have since succumbed to the convenience of Amazon and B&Ns.  The vast majority of my purchases, once read, aren't "keepers."  This doesn't mean I didn't enjoy the tale, but I will only re-read a REALLY good book.  So, for the most part, these books get one read and their usefulness to me is at an end.

And one read isn't going to really damage a book much.

I had been sending these books to my mother.  Because she loves books like I do.   But she has more of a book backlog than 5 of your average knitters have stash (yes, really, that much of a backlog).   As a result, each shipment from me sends my step-dad into conniption fits.  Which is just no good for the ole' ticker. So, I need an alternative.

I could sell them.  But I would rather trade 'em. (I prefer to donate my used books, but feel more mileage should be gotten from the new ones.)

A book box (like the stash redistribution boxes) would be very heavy, and thus unwieldy.  Instead, I am rolling around thoughts on a shared library of sorts... Maybe a yahoo group, maybe not that formal...  Just some way for folks to swap their just-read-but-still-in-good-shape books with others in like condition. 

Would anyone out there be interested in something like this?  If so, email me at: kali ~at~ bgb ~dot~ cc.  Let me know if you have any ideas around how to organize something like this.  If I get many bites, I will post my ideas for feedback (if I don't, I will make a trip to ye olde used book store).  NOTE: Put something like I LOVE BOOKS, TOO in the subject line so I know you aren't trying to sell me some kind of pill to enlarge an organ I don't even possess, or give me some Nigerian bank money that no one knows about but you.  

In Knitting News:
Progress continues on the Eyelet Cardi, and the not-quite-Colinette poncho.  Also, occasionally on the Shell-I-Am-Not-Working-On-Yet.   The Blue Wave scarf is taking too long to show any progress, so it is being punished/ignored. 

Last night I went to the Montgomery Cty. Knitting Meetup, and there chatted with some cool folks, including Sarah (her bpt in Turino silk is GORGEOUS in person) and Sondra (who will be getting a blog soon, but in the meantime I will tell you her pink mohair sweater—"To Dye For" from SnB—is also supa-dreamy) .  AND got to see Lara's cutest-ever socklette in all its finished glory... not to mention the crazy-cool sleeve of R2's Tasty.  So... inspired... must... finish stuff faster!

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