Friday, July 23, 2004

Great uses for Red Heart, not a single pic, and even MORE reasons why I am glad its Friday!

I am the anti-photographer lately, huh?  It is entirely due to allergies and all the knitting groups I have dropped in on this week.

My allergies are not the sniffly-sneezing-coughing kind... more the achey-itchyeye-no-energy-at-all-exhausted-when-I-wake-up kind.  So my whole week has been somewhat groggy and over-tired.  I hate that.

The best part of the week was the knit groups.  I went to Arlington's super fun SnB, Montgomery Cty's intimate knitting meetup, AND the unofficial Suburban Hospital Staff (and friends) knit group.  (SO glad they aren't ALL every week, 'cause sitting and chatting and knitting is way too much fun to miss.)

I swear, I am knitting interesting and pretty things.  And I will likely take pictures this weekend.

In the meantime, in case you thought Red Heart was not good for anything (I didn't, being a member of AA, I know that it is good for critter knits, potholders, and toilet paper cozies.)  But I now have another use for the stuff: covering my car.  This car is one of the neatest things I have seen all week (and I saw some SERIOUSLY neat knitting).  Be sure to check out his photo gallery for some great detail shots (thanks to the talented knitter over at Knit One, Purl Too for the awesome link).  

In the Brand New Blog Department:  The super crafty Sondra (from the knitting meetup) already set up her new blog!  If you have a moment, check it out and welcome her to the neighborhood.

In other news:  A few folks have expressed interest in the GBR, so I will keep thinking about how it might work.  I got a tip that another knitter has been thinking about something similiar.  Maybe our two heads will be better than my one. 

Tomorrow the new furniture parade continues!  I got a brand new loveseat a while back.  This time its a beautiful new dresser and mirror!  I have had a very affordable Target model (complete with cardboard back) for a few years now, and am finally stepping up.  WOO! A drawer just for socks! A drawer just for nighties! (So I get excited over organizing underwear drawers—you gotta problem with it?)

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