Thursday, July 15, 2004

what a long strange [week] its been

WARNING: non-knitting content first.  If you aren't interested, just skip down to the bit about KNITTING STUFF
So this week (and last) has been all about Business Processes.  I work for a natural grocery store, but before you think of happy smiling birkenstock wearin' coworkers—I work in corporate IT for said store.
I am a project manager, which is a new sort of position for my company (we are mostly pretty crunchy granola when it gets down to it).  Basically when a new system is being considered it may be my job to get it implemented.  Right now we are looking at piloting (trying out, for those of you in non-Dilbert-esque worlds) a new piece of software that will permeate every realm of operations and admin, from buying fruits and cutting meat, to counting all the beans at the end of the day.  So that we can make sure this new system works as well as the old system, we need to analyze the business processes in every area.
This means sitting in a conference room, watching power points and arguing over words like "donation" and "saleable" or listening to the ninety-seventh person say, "Well, we do that on a spreadsheet right now." "The same spreadsheet that your coworker, who does the exact same job as you?" "No, one I made myself. "
Now, this may not sound tortuously mind-numbing to everyone out there.  But pretend it is, and pretend you have six more weeks of it left.  Seven hour meetings, four days a week (four, because I do have other work to do on Mondays), for the next two months.   This is why, after week one, I did this:

new pedicured toesies

Next week, I am thinking a facial... I can't wait for fall and the return to normal working hours!

OK, enough of that. On to the knitting.

Shhhhh. Don't tell my short attention span, but, I think I might just be making progress on the finishing of this...

[for a closer look, just click here]
...shoulders seamed, sleeves blocking as we "speak."  More on this as the story unfolds!

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