Thursday, July 28, 2005

Has it really been over a week?

Wow. Time flies when you are Stressed/Having a fabulous mini-vacation/Then stressed again.

To recap in brief:
Last week, we had internal auditors at the office, going over all of my 404 documentation, looking for undotted i's and crossless t's. The verdict is not yet in, but I think I did ok.

Then, to blow off a bit of steam, this past weekend I went to visit the lovely Ann in Long Island. Ann is not only funny and sassy and cool, but she is also an amazing hostess with a beautiful house AND home. I also got some quality hang-by-the-pool time with two other NY bloggers. Good times! I will post a little travelogue soon. In the meantime, check out the great pictures on their sites.

And this week I have been in the last session of an intense test prep course. You techies out there are probably familiar with boot camps and whatnot... This is similar, but it takes seven days over three months. Now I have to apply for the exam and hope that sometime in September I will be able to add a couple of letters to my name. The application will take much of today to complete... They don't make it easy!

I have recently acquired some more freakin yarn, and am hoarding it at work in true junkie-style. ("If I don't take it home, it doesn't count.") But I am also rounding the horn on the third piece of Dolman.

I was a bit waylaid on my MIL2B socks over the weekend when I discovered that the size 2s that were perfect for the cuff lace were creating a humongous heel and foot. Ann and I stopped in at Granny's for some AddiT 1s, but horror of horrors: they were clean out. What would you have done?
  1. Bought the Susan Bates size 1s - I only need to worry about the joins twice each row, right?

  2. Bought a bag of the Noro that Granny just got in and start a multi directional scarf - Screw the socks 'til I get home.

  3. Leave the store empty handed - Didn't you bring a whole sweater? Hello, short-attention-span-theater, can't you work on that?

  4. Bought sock yarn that would work with the 2s and put the MIL2B sock on holders til I get home.

Answer tomorrow and hopefully some pictures.

EDITED: I just saw the comments on the last post. Y'all are crackin' me up. For the number two poll, where do you think I would rather be (than sitting back at my desk after almost a week off): Buried in Ann's backyard (it is quite lovely with the deck and the hammock and the pool); or still on the nude beach (assuming I had gotten there at all and had an unlimited supply of sunblock)?

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