Monday, August 01, 2005

I'm so seriously, you guys

It's shameful really. I have so much to write. My great time at Ann's. Piece three of the dolman is done. Super fun MM-MM-MN (I am thinking there will be incriminating evidence here and here sometime soon).

But things are shaky over here at Chez Petits Mains. The electricity, both real and metaphorical just won't stay on... The super fun Alaska trip is starting to loom rather than hover on the horizon. (What is the physical law at work there?)

I am feeling overwhelmed.

This week, all of my bosses are out of the office. If there are no sudden transformer-destroying rainshowers maybe I can get some pictures loaded and up. Maybe with no one around I can catch up on some "office-keeping" (can you say "nearly 2000 emails in my inbox") Maybe I can practice breathing in and out with purpose. Maybe I can catch up on my frillion bloglines.

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