Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Gettin' outta Dodge

Heatwave. Auditors. First session with a Personal Trainer who says things like "Now, this will hurt tomorrow, but I know you can do it." (BTW, he was totally right. I hurt. Allover.)

Is it any wonder the blog has suffered?

But, I am getting out of town! Friday morning I am traipsing off like I haven't a care in the world to visit Ann in NY! At Spa d'Swine we may indulge in super intense yoga classes, contact pedicures, and just maybe pop some wheelies.

I hope I remember to take pictures!

Tonight is best-ever Knitty-Meetup. My plan is to finish up the second side of my Dolman sweater and maybe start the heel on MIL2B's sock.

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