Friday, July 01, 2005

Don't dream it, be-e-e-e it....

Anyone out there know that line?

So, first and foremost, I need to come clean. Apparently my last post gave some folks the idea that I consider an 18 mile hike "wee-tee-tiny." Um. No. I didn't realize that I had left out the crucial detail: we only hiked a small portion of the trail (≈ 2 miles). I wish I could just toss out 18 miles!

Next, I finished the black gloves! But they photograph poorly. No pics until I can get a good one.... We had a small but enchanting crowd at Mid-Knitty-Meetup last night, with Laura, Sarah, Linda (go check out Linda's snazzy new digs!) and myself. We hope to see all the other regulars at the Regular-Knitty-Meetup in two weeks!

While chatting it up and somehow getting a coffee buzz on decaf (maybe I didn't give the barrista a big enough tip and he spiked my latte?) I finished sleeve one of the Black Bat! WOO HOO! Only one sleeve, a neckline and two pesky seams away from the end...

Also in fun fun news, I have heard the call and will be visiting my favorite LohnGUYland quittin' knitter later this month.

So you know what that means?

Attention NYC Knitters! Anyone up for a day in the city walkin and knittin and gabbin... On Saturday the 23rd or Sunday the 24th? Let me know.

I will be posting more stash pics next week. Still waiting to hear those two sweet little words from someone: "That's nothing!" (And you know that someone is out there! My stash is NOT the biggest in the world. I mean. I hope not. 'Cause Harris Tweed is half off in two weeks, that's all I'm saying.)

Have a great long weekend, all of you who have one!

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