Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Propping my eyelids open with toothpicks

Or, how to appear to be awake when you are, in fact, completely asleep.

What is making me so tired? Possible culprits include the humidity, boredom at work, and frustrations elsewhere. Is it time for vacation yet? (No it is not, stop asking.)

In any case, the weekend was not spent entirely by lace ripping... (I am glad that post was helpful for some folks.) I also went on a wee-tee-tiny hike on the Rock Creek Park trail with FMF. The RC trail is over 18 miles long and stretches from Gaithersburg to the heart of downtown D.C. It is filled with bikers and sprinkled with all sorts of rec-type parks and things along the way.

FMF took the first one, and I took the last two. Does anyone know what kind of flower that is in the middle pic?

There has also been some knitting at le maison des petites mains. First, the Dulaan box was shipped off stuffed full of woolies.

Sorry about the overexposure, it was a last minute cell phone picture.

Inside were 5 hats, 2 pairs of gloves, and 2 neck gaiters. I hope they keep some children warm and cozy.

Also, I am trying to finish up some of the long-life WIPs around here. I finally finished the knitting on the fingerless gloves last night, I will be weaving ends today. This means I need a new bit of travel knitting, and I think it is going to be landlocked socks for FMF's mom out of the turquoise Lorna's I got at MDS&W. Though, this would require resizing the pattern (it is written for DK) and I may not be up for that. I will check my On the Road socks book for a good substitute.

The other long withering WIP has been the Bijoux from Oat Couture. I am using Lion Brand Jiffy in Black, so the photos leave more than a little to be desired. Here is my black bat photo:

The pattern has you knit the front and back separately, then join the shoulders and pick up stitches for each ¾ sleeve. Sleeve one is ¾ done.

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