Wednesday, June 08, 2005


I got nothing.

My power was out for what seemed like most of yesterday. The nasty Bermuda-airstream crap or whatever it is called has descended upon DC like a blanket made of sweat and hair. (Have I mentioned that I don't like humid OR hot?) Knitting continues slowly.

I am thinking I need to document the sheer extravagance that is my stash. This scares me, but that's probably why it's such a good idea.

Needles update for you bloglines folks who can't see my lil progress bars:
Lotus: Row 134 of 166 done
Bijoux Blouse: Back and 3/4 of Front done
Sunshine Wrap: One repeat plus a coupla rows done
Gauntlets: One done plus 1/3 of second done
Pink Purse: done, needs finishing

My wish this week: I would like the strength/fortitude to go on the "easy" six mile hike this weekend in the ASSHEAT.

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