Thursday, May 05, 2005

Move along, nothing to see...

At least not here.

Tuesday I hiked three miles up a beautiful mountain, and three miles back down (took the more difficult, but shorter ridge trail back down). If you are nearby, please keep an eye out for my calves. I know I had them with me when I left... Also, my quads would like to say hi, but they're mostly dead. I have some GREAT shots. But sadly, I am unable to hobble over to where the camera is so I can upload the pics.

FMF said, "What if you don't feel better by the time Saturday rolls around?"

Huh? I am sure I will be fine by then. If not, maybe Lara could roll me around in a really big stroller. I hear they are all the rage at these things.

Now. For some seriously hilarious knitsh*t, go on over to Jen and La's place for some Stash Wars. THAT'S where the fun is today, folks.

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