Friday, May 06, 2005

For all those Bitter and Not-Bitter

Some pictures of Old Rag Mountain to tide you over this weekend.

On the way up, we saw a couple fields of these:

Where I'm from, these are actually a rare find! Click here for the answer.

The "rock scramble" is what really kicked my butt. Here is one of my favorite parts (because of not so much scrambling as ducking and walking).

The view from "half-way" also known as "seriously?! Only half-way??":

For more and bigger, click here or here or here. (In that last one you can see the "summit" of Old Rag about one-third in from the left side. It looks like a small pile of rocks.)

I really did make it:

The view was super fantastic.

Some fun on the way down:
Don't Touch That Stick!

I am much stronger than I appear.

I went with a group from my office. I love that every once in a blue moon, this is how much of my office spends it's Tuesday.

I am hobbling only slightly more proficiently today, but hopes are high for tomorrow. That's right! TOMORROW. WOO! I hope I don't blow the rent money.

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