Sunday, May 01, 2005

Lately at La maison de Petites Mains

I did not go riding yesterday. Too much rain and mud. That's twice!


In other news, I finished my shell.

For one less dimension, click here (sorry about the blur, it was dark).

I am pretty sure that the kiwifruit factor is a bit too high for me to wear this thing out in public, but I may change my mind pending the shawl's progress (see below).


In happier news, here is the summery goodness I scored from the crafty women over at Woolarina. I have around 500 yards... And the IK Fall 04 (somewhere). Anyone know if I can get a flower basket out of this from the magazine specs?

Go on... check out the other lovelies... you know you wanna!

And here are the most recent Sock FOs. On the left are the pair from the Steinbach Wolle Strapaz (my colorway was a Ringel, but I couldn't find it online). On the right are the Las Vegas (souvenir yarn) socks made from Lang Jawoll Jaquard.

[PS: Ann, the repeat is there, but its a long one.]

Lastly, here is my current obsession. The Lotus Blossom shawl from Fiddlesticks Knitting. I am on row 102... I am pretty sure I won't get it done for S&W, but I am going to give it my obsessive best.

Click make BIG and click make CLOSE

By the way, Dorothy, owner and designer over at Fiddlesticks, writes incredible patterns with big charts and clear directions. Plus she said I could call her if I had any trouble! How cool is that? (And, and, AND, she was able to find one last skein of the now discontinued silk/wool Fleece Artist.) Needless to say, she rocks!

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