Friday, April 29, 2005

Indisputable Signs of Spring

First, some tulips, seen after last week's riding adventure:

Second, a paparazzi shot of the newest denizens of my employer's parking lot:

(Clicky for more goosey.)

Incidentally, these geese are non-migratory. One hen is actually nesting (second year in a row) in a planter in the front of the building. Many people refer to them as "flying cows," but I think they are still beautiful—even if they do tend to be a bit menacing if you need to cross in front of the frolicky goslings.

Speaking of the ride last week... Here is a shot from the trail. It wanted to rain all morning, but the sky held until we were on our way home. We were at a working ranch in the Blue Ridge Foothills (don't let the name fool you—like any good ranch it was grubby).

Tomorrow's ride is slated to last three hours. If I can sit down when I get home, I will snap a pic or two of some undeniably spring-y WIPs and WIPs-to-be lying around here.

In the "Not sure I want to Share the Secret" Department:
Run (as in Do NOT Pass GO) over to Woolarina to check out the dreamy hand-dyed and -spun goodness that awaits your viewing pleasure.

Fellow MD'ers, K8 and Paula have been hard at work producing some stunning wares. Unfortunately for me, it seems I am always out of town or off gallivanting every time they do a local craft fair, so I had been SERIOUSLY missing out! But through the wonder of the InterWeb, I can now buy online. WOO! I practically broke a nail hitting the Add to Cart button. And in no time I had some of the Shiny on my doorstep... Yowza! Let me just say Tess is now sharing a spot in the knitting basket ifyaknowhattimean. Now that I have blabbed, don't go buy it all. I am already saving up for after MDS&W.

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