Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Latest post ever

Taking a wee business trip in the morning... so I will be out until Friday sometime.

Thank you all who wished me better today than yesterday: it worked! Today was much better. (And while I whine about our flat tires, at least 24 other cars got hit in my complex on the same night, and some got their windshields busted in - so I really should be glad it was just two tires.)

To prove I really do knit around here, I give you this:

(This one's for Laurie, who also is a mad-crazy subway knitter.)

And here they are finito:

(These will be gifted to my wonderful massage therapist. She lives in Texas, so it's really good I got these things done now. (Slacker.))

Lion Brand Magic Stripes in Blue and Brown and Black
Size 2 addi circs
Generic cuff down with a heel flap ('cause I hadn't done one of those in FOREVER and I am all about staying flexible)
They are a bit loose. I am hoping a good bath will help.

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