Monday, May 23, 2005

This week...

...Is full of stuff that will keep me away from a) my computer; and b) my knitting.

I finished my little black and blue socks over the weekend, but a parade of crap this morning kept me far too stressed out to take pics (slashed tires, screw up by the cab dispatcher, late to a certification class, etc etc). Only to come home to an apartment sans electricity. Certainly not a tragic day, by any means. But you know how some days you just wanna scream out at the ether, "FINE! I will go back to bed, already!"? That was today.

But, Saturday, on the other hand was supa-sweet. So it looks like this week will start out with a bit more distraction.

I didn't want to jinx it by talking about it, but I had a horseback ride scheduled for Saturday, and it was actually NOT rained out!

Here we are saddling up:

The back field:

Hitting the trail:

The scenic ridge...

My trusty steed, Mosby:

(I swear, he was smiling right before I took the picture...)

I cannot recommend the trail leaders at Graves Mountain enough. They were wonderful. And props to the excellent peeps over at Center Hiking Club, for organizing the ride.

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