Monday, April 11, 2005

Not dead, only napping

At the risk of letting a whole month pass sans post, I have decided to bite the proverbial bullet.

It's been busy: work-wise, brain-wise, and knit-wise. There is no room left for blogging with all that. I keep thinking things will lighten up (and keep trying not to think that they never will).

My sister's wedding was wildly exhausting, but she looked lovely and I got a much-needed check in with many far-flung relatives. The newest baby is TOO CUTE. As is the way with babies. I didn't win big in Vegas, but I also didn't lose much... I hear that's good for Vegas. Took tons of pics. Here's one. I am the crabby looking one in glasses next to the bride.

The cherry blossoms were wonderful. I have pics but they aren't uploaded yet.

I have been following Chris I's advice and knitting socks like there's no tomorrow. Finished the Spirit Waffle socks, and have a basic pair in Jawoll (60% done) and one pair in Steinbach Wolle more than 80% done.

In new project news: I started my Lotus Blossom Shawl. It has been great! I am finding mistakes (and fixing them) before they require serious ripping. I just finished row 75... only 80 something left!

I can't say that I will post again soon... It's is all I can do to keep breathing in and out. But I can say I will try. (PS, What Lara says is all true: topless adventures make everything feel better.)

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