Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Freak Event: two posts in two days!

As soon as I say I will post more, you won't hear from me for another month, but if I insist that I won't post much...

Anyway, this was too good to pass up. So, I was hanging with the hippest knittin' DJ I know, and she was all, the cherry blossoms were so pretty! And I was all, you know that pic you took of the Jefferson and the blossoms? I took practically the same one!

Even weirder... it was on the same day! At the same approximate time! And yet, we didn't see eachother. (The astute viewers among you may notice from the angle, that we were at least a half mile apart. So it's not that weird, but still.)

And then I started thinking... there must be thousands and thousands of pics of the Jefferson Memorial and cherry blossoms. A quick google image search confirmed my suspicions... One, Two, Three, Four, Five, and Six. These are just the posted pics. Think how many are in people's homes, tucked away in photo albums...

I know, I am a geek. But what amazes me is that these blossoms are out for a few days! It's not like the Sydney Opera House or the Statue of Liberty (which are both easy to photograph, being there all the time).

If I were still an active artist, I would consider this a great installation: gather as many individual pics of different temporary events (how many amatuer shots must there be of Olympic torch bearers?) and put them all up in a gallery. One room per "event." If you are an active artist, and decide to do this. Let me know, I would love to see it (and contribute my pic of the blossoms).

Lastly, here is my favorite "tourist" pic of the day: Monks eating Ice Cream Sandwiches. It was a pretty warm day.

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