Friday, April 15, 2005

There are two things...

That are sure in life... I don't need to list them, do I?

But I was up late last night worrying about the Grim Income Reaper and would like to think of other things today.

I have knitting progress, but no pics. I am actually going to try to knit up an MDS&W shell in the next couple of weeks. This would be easy but for the inevitable travel (next week, Orlando—and no, before you ask, it is all work and no DisneyWorld). If I get an FO out this thing, I will take a pic, so all you folks going to the fest: ye shall know me by my shell.

Things to think about today instead of the The Tax Man who Cometh:

  • Go Fug Yourself - Not for the faint of heart, MANY MANY Thanks to Norma for bringing this bunch of snarky hilarity to my attention.
  • Topless Adventures - This one is for Ann, by way of explanation... It is probably not what she was thinking, but in Vibegrrl's new cutest ride—it is a GREAT way to spend a sunny DC day.
  • Pink is the color of Spring - Now is the best time in the world to quit smoking. Speaking of my dear buddy Ann, she is quitting as we speak. Go congratulate her and her quit-buddy, Vickie: they are both four weeks closer to healthy pink lungs!
  • Thinking is good for your brain - Is it Art? You be the judge among these many wild and crazy links. NOTE: Art isn't always pretty and it isn't always nice, click at your own risk. (I can' t remember where I first found this link... If it was from a fellow knit-blogger, please speak up, I want to send you a thank you!)
  • Only 21 days left! - If you can't make it, please see Abby for an appropriate button.
  • My kinda Tax Hike - Scroll down to see today's excursion. If you live in DC, meet me at the metro!

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