Sunday, March 13, 2005

You never close your eyes anymore...

Have you lost that lovin' feelin' with some of your WIPs? Have they crossed that hazy line and become sad, forgotten UFOs? Thanks to several crafty, wise, and funny knitters, you may be able to rekindle that flame.


Last week's contest engendered some great conversation about whipping those WIPs back into shape and falling in love all over again. Since I have the free version of Haloscan for comments, the great notes folks leave me disappear after a couple of months... I couldn't let that happen to these comments, so I have preserved them on a new page. If you look under Knitting Notes on the right sidebar, you will see a new link to if You've Lost That Lovin' Feelin', where everyone's fantastic ideas are grouped into categories. Go on, take a peek.

Now, some of those entries are contest winners. It was tough.

Thank you, Norma: The thrummed mitts are going to be stuffed away until I am desperate to finish them (my initial bet is mid-July... When the FO will be most useless).

Sometimes you just need to set the WIPs free. If you love them, they will come back; if they don't, you never really loved them at all.

Bless you, Chris I.: I will finish up the newly named "Spirit-Waffle" socks and see what happens. (Am I the only one having hilarious visions of the mighty Spirit Waffle bringing it's message to the people? The name is a combo of the Fiber and the Pattern.)

Lastly, the random generator also chose these two (no less wise) knitters for some winning-mojo: April (Not afraid to r.i.p. those WIPs) and CJ (a crafty closet chaos theorist).

Knitters, send me your snail mail addies at: kali bgb [dot] cc

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