Thursday, March 10, 2005

Sho Shad...

...In the immortal words of Earl and Mooch.

Please, help me save the WIPs

I have gotten some incredible tips and tricks from folks (Thank YOU, Jen and La for getting the love-and word-out). If you haven't entered the contest, please do! I would really like to put all these tips on their own page...

I have several projects on the verge of UFO-ness, but two are standing painfully out. The first is Oversweater.

Notice the dejected slump. Oversweater has been neglected, and now the snow is melted! I was so excited to find this wool at Rhinebeck. I think that OS is languishing because a little voice is nagging that maybe the wool would make a better cardi/jacket than a pullover. But I would like to finish the pullover, and save it for steeking / cardiganizing later.

The second are my lovely thrummed mittens (a.k.a. "Sweaty Naked Man Mittens"). There is only half of one done. I was so excited! The beautiful red, the super soft white, the scintillating backstory. Not to mention my name on the knitalong list! (My mantra for the spring: Just Say NO to Knitalongs. I can't handle the pressure, clearly.) And the snow situation (see above) is very unmotivating.

I will definitely be following the advice of my thoughtful contest-entrants on these (and a couple of others). Since I am getting so many great ideas, I have decided that there will be a combination of random and not so random winners.

In Other News
I recently received my prize from IndigoMuse's Fall Foliage contest! Talk about a fun surprise!

Some too-cute Regia, loverly stitch-markers, and (not shown) lip balm and almond roca (don't be too sad, but the poor, tasty almond roca is no more). Thanks, IM!!

Also, there were rumblings from the stash, when two recently acquired sock yarns were inadvertently left out of the last photo op... Making its small hands debut is some DREAMY superwash from Inspiration Yarns, and my first Koigu EVER, Kersti in a fabulous speckly colorway.

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