Wednesday, January 19, 2005

on the road

... it is snowing in Maryland. And I am in Texas.

I am alive. In the first few days of a two week business trip to Austin.

Still knitting: working on some socks out of yarn from my fantastic Secret Pal 3 who just keeps being amazing! She sent me the most wonderful and truly personalized package. Patti really tried to learn enough about me to surprise me with "perfect" gifts... And she did!

Also another Colinette grab-bag scarf, this one in prism plus some loop mohair I picked up at Rhinebeck.

Lastly, an Oat Couture sweater out of Lion Brand Jiffy. I don't want my next utter failure to be as expensive time- or cost-wise as the last two. On the other hand, if it the best sweater ever I can wear it every day and just toss it in the machine. Win-win.

Pictures later. I hope the snow lasts.

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