Sunday, January 02, 2005

The New Year...

Started with a lovely "bang" from A in the form of a dozen roses. (I needed cheering up—end of the year hysteria and all—and they did the trick!)

While waiting for the ball to drop, and trying not to get too hung up on everything I failed to accomplish in the last twelve months (see above), I finished my striped socks. (Regia 6-ply.)

Detail here

And a gift for a co-worker. (Inishowen from MDS&W, seed stitch.)

We did a "White Elephant" gift exchange at work, and since anyone could have picked my gift, rather than knit something, I wrapped the skein up and included a note saying "Your choice: Hat, Scarf, or Mittens!" It wasn't as coveted a gift as the liquor, but I got a lot of compliments on the idea. The "winner" picked a scarf, and I thought the seed stitch highlighted the variegated well.

FMF even went hiking with me! I can usually get him out to do that once a year. I am really glad we could go out together, but I am bummed out that I will likely be waiting another year for it to happen again.

Me on the shores of Lake Gitchy-Goomy (or Needwood, in Rock Creek Park), looking especially short and wide.

Other park denizens. I remember my grandmother once climbing a fence and hunkering us down in some reeds to get a good look at some Canada Geese. Here, they are so common they're called "flying cows." I still love them, though.

FMF putting some super-fly ninja moves on a tree at the lake.

A shot of the valley below the lake.

I finished off the start of the year by finishing off my first handspun yarn.

It's a two ply. One is white Romney, and the other I forget. It may be a brown Romney... But I can't be sure. SR and I bought a big bag each of the two wools for practicing at Rhinebeck.

It is pretty rough, and there is a painfully small amount of it after all that. But the sense of accomplishment is pretty steep. I like just looking at it. I wonder how many folks never knit up their first skein? I don't know if I could bear it.

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