Friday, December 10, 2004

Quick note from "The City that Loves You Back"

I am in Philly at the lovely Latham hotel, which despite its creaky floors, is positioned smack in the center of downtown. I wish I had a little bit of time to see some sights before heading back home.

TRAVELERS TIP: No matter how cool the h(m)otel looks in the pictures, always bring your own coffee for the in-room coffee pot. I am presently "enjoying" something called Premium Choice, and I am afraid it is perhaps not named as accurately as it could be.

Last night, I finished a sock! The fit is a little snug, but my last socks slowly "grew" with wear, and I wanted these to have a sleek fit. I am a dork, and brought my camera but no cable, so imagine the pictures.

Don't forget to enter the contest from yesterday's post! I got some great little prizes today to add to the previous loot!

I received my awesome care package/prize from Amanda just before leaving town. WOO! She sent me some great coffee and chicory, the amazing Knitting on the Edge by Nicki Epstein, and a Clover yarn cutter (now I have almost all the coolest knitting gadgets). Thanks, Amanda, you made my day!

I would also like to give a shout out to Margene: thank you for the RAOK... Some tasty lip balm and other little accoutrements, perfect additions to my trip bag!

I am home later tonight. I will either go on a photo rampage or a "hot soak in the tub" rampage when I get there.

Have a great Friday!

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