Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Travel, contests, secrets revealed, and gifts from abroad

On travel
The trip was fine. I enjoy spending time at FMF's folks' home. I only wish he did (or at least could muster up enough compassion to pretend he did).

I knit like a mad-crazy fool. Pics to follow, but here's what I accomplished:
  • Grey beanie for FMF - done!
  • Red Mittlettes for J & H's son (the Charlottesville gang) - need ends woven in
  • Cutest EVER "bear" mittens for C & S's son (of lovely Maplewood, NJ) - need claws sewn on and seaming
  • Socks for me - 65% done
  • Mom's Scarf - 50% done

On Contests
Since I have recently won a whole barrel of contests, it is time to start having some of my own. I am going to try to have one contest a week til Xmas. Without further ado:

This Week's Contest!
These prizes are kid-oriented, if you don't have kids you better know some!

Please leave me a comment and let me know you want your name in the "hat" for a chance to win either a Vogue Knitting on the Go: Kids Knits or a really cute set of bath-time rubber ducks. If enough folks enter, I may throw in a third or fourth place prize as well.

I will randomly pick a winner for each prize from all comments left on this post as of Sunday evening.

Secret Pals Revealed!
Many many MANY thanks to my generous and thoughtful Secret Pal, Patti. She sent me some really wonderful stuff-including soothing Cold Care tea and other "comforting" things when I was sick, cashmere and alpaca in my favorite color: blue, even a really cool beetle (she mailed me a bug--HOW COOL IS THAT?), not to mention tons of other great stuff that was perfectly chosen to make me smile! Thanks again, Patti.

I was a pal to Sue, she is (among other things) a Yankees fan, cat lover, and gift-knitter extra-ordinaire. Check out some of the beautiful gifts her friends and family will be getting!! I trulyhope she enjoyed the SPIII process.

I will likely skip the SP4. The YNBA is not conducive to SP shopping (ie: "Well, it was on sale two for the price of one... You know one for my SP and one for me??" or "I was going to get killed on shipping if I didn't meet the minimum, so I just grabbed a couple things for me too... on accounta the shipping, not, you know, just to buy stuff...")

die Geschenksendung
I got a great package in the mail from Germany yesterday. Bente and I did a little swap, I sent her some Big Kureyon, and she sent me some Colinette Skye, in my favorite color: Jay! Also a wonderful little bookmark-sized calendar and little sheepy bag (perfectly sized for dpns or accessories. Danke sehr, Bente!! I am formulating a beautiful shawl/scarf for this yarn... Stay tuned.

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