Thursday, November 04, 2004

Rainy days and Thursdays

...always get me down? (No. Not really.)

Today, I am getting my first haircut in like, a year. Please cross your fingers for me that it all turns out ok.

In my self-absorbed melancholy yesterday, I forgot to mention the great comments left the other day by Jen and Sharon. I had asked how folks manage stash and WIPs in the face of so many amazing projects going on in the various knit-rings.

Jen will be starting a huge long-term project to get over the need for FOs. This is very Tao of her, and I love the idea. Maybe it is time to start Lotus shawl with the intention of finishing by Spring.

Sharon takes a more Zen approach, and says "I just keep casting on, knitting one stitch after another, and eventually, a FO rolls off the needles." This, too, is a great sentiment, and bears repeating.

In the meantime, I am practicing some acceptance where possible: I am enjoying the rain by thinking about how it makes curling up under a blanket feel so much better. (I think there is a poem there... Anyone want to take a stab at it?)

Pictures and RAOKs tomorrow... Have a great Thursday, everyone.

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