Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Bleak Wednesday

Warning! Political Content ahead. If you want, skip down to the Blue Wave header.
I am so confused by this election and what it seems to say about my fellow Americans. The nation voted with fear instead of compassion last night. How could we do that? I don't really think there would have been a huge difference no matter who we went with, but I imagine there would have been a lot of small ones. I am just. Lost feeling. And deeply sad. I can't say for certain that the likely outcome of the election has made me that way, but it sure has helped.

Blue Wave
Kate and Julia, can you believe it? My entry in the lace-along is finally done. It was a pinch hitter for my first choice, which is still in the line-up, but will probably have to wait til closer to spring.

Here are the pics of the scarf:

This is more garish than real life, but it is so dark here by the time I get home I have to rely on the flash. Picture a more muted colorway.

The YO pattern. And a little closer to true color.

This backlit image shows the pattern off very well. I already did detailed stats for this project. In brief, I used Tess' Designer Mohair/merino blend and Heartstrings Fiberarts free pattern (with minor mods). It took for freakin' ever, but it is a beautiful FO.

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