Friday, November 05, 2004

Friday is for Outdoors-y Ideas

Now that Fall is in full swing (for me, its the first Fall in almost 5 years) I am trying to get out and about whenever possible. As you can see in my sidebar, that has included a nature-excursion and a mountain hike. The next two weeks should be more of the same. (Woo!)

I don't drive, and I know very few people, so I had to look a little for these opportunities. I let my mouse do the walking and tracked down all kinds of stuff. Here are some ideas for searches on Google or your favorite search page:

There is no excuse! A brisk (or exhausting) day trip makes curling up under an afghan with some of La's pumpkin spice tea ten times as good as just curling up there all day.

The haircut? I am not liking it today at all. No one is helping, in that no one has said "Cute hair-cut." In fact, the only person who seems to have noticed, did so with a "Well, your hair is really short." So no pics.

I do have pics of my two most recent WIPs, but I am a space-case and forgot to put them on the host server. Soon, I promise.

A huge shout out to Heidi for hostessing Secret Pal II. Not only was she an attentive and responsive hostess, but a generous one, too! I stepped in to be an "SP angel" for someone who's original SP had flaked out and as a thank you, Heidi sent me some beautiful stitch markers and some autumn-leaf shaped chocolates. How awesome is that?! Thanks, Heidi!!

In RAOK news, I received a lovely Autumnal note from Beth at Diamonds & Purls via snail mail. It was a great pick-me-up in this dreariest of weeks, and just goes to show that an AOK doesn't have to cost more than a stamp to make a big difference in one's day. Thanks, Beth!!

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