Monday, November 08, 2004

In keeping with a wonderful tradition of sweater letters:

Dear Oversweater,
I know we had a great time together last week. We watched Cold Mountain together, and you soothed me after that killer hike in Catoctin...

Those were good times, and nothing can change that. But, I want you to know—before you hear it from someone else—I have been seeing a new sweater.

Face it, O, you are all about winter. You are going to keep me warm against icy winds and protect my butt from falls in the snow. You are very, very woolly.

It's just, Boogie is, well... More Autumnal. From the loftiness of the GGH Aspen, to the butterscotchiness of the discontinued color "Bronze," this sweater is all about cool but not freezing. I can wear her now.

I know you are all about quick knitting, and I admire that. But Boogie's being done on size 11s as well, and she has no sleeves. Remember all the trouble I have had in the past with full sweaters? Remember Salt Peanuts? Eyelet? I was hurt, and it makes me a little nervous about committing. I know this may seem unfair, but please, try to understand. Let me have this one vest, and then you will be right back in the front of the line, I promise. Well, maybe the vest and a quick cabled pullover, but let's not be too particular...


About that hike
Awesome. The day was beautiful, the views breathtaking, the company enchanting, and my butt was kicked. What more could I ask for?

I have added a "Rose River" gallery of Saturday's pics. I have also FINALLY finished the Rhinebeck gallery. Check them out and let me know which one you love.

I need to destash a bit, some novels, some knit books, and yes, even some fiber. Today, it is all about some books. I will try to post new stuff each Monday. If you are interested, email me at kali {type at} bgb {now type dot} cc

I would prefer to swap these books for books on my wishlist (see the bottom, left sidebar). I am even open to swapping on your recommendations: if you have something that fits in with my wishlist stuff but isn't on it, drop me a line. If you would like to pay cash-money instead, I have included a $ cost (this price includes shipping). I can take paypal or check payments, just give me a holler.

Wicked, G. Maguire ($9) GONE!
Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nighttime, M. Haddon ($8)
Trash, D. Allison (author of Bastard out of Carolina) ($5)

Jaeger #12 (Celeste, ribbon)
Jaeger #11 (Albany, cotton tape)
Jaeger #7 (Aqua, cotton dk)
Jaeger #3 (Silk & Siena)
All four for $18, or $5 each.

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