Monday, November 01, 2004

Fantastic Monday

I know, how often is it fantastic—Monday, I mean?

Today is a little cool and breezy. The air is dry so the leaves are rustling around all Autumnally. And when I rode into the parking lot this morning the sun was shining on the fall colors all dramatically and there were deer (three of 'em!) at the little pond in the parking lot. (Since today is so great, we will not be referring to it as "the cesspool" as we normally do.)

Could it be any better? Maybe if I wasn't at work... But I'll let that one go today.

You will notice (or not) that there are not two new travelogues yet. Between resizing, renaming, and transferring, image maintenance is a time consuming process. I did get them moved over to my image host, though. More than half-way there.

For a preview, here are a couple of my favorite shots:

The fog was incredibly persistent for most of the hike. It made for a very surreal experience. One of the hikers, Chittra, kept saying how amazing it was to hike through fog and mist all day—sadly, she was outnumbered by the naysayers who were sad to be missing all the vista views. The last picture, the road through the maples, is what we would have seen from Thurmont Vista (in the non-existent view image). I think it was just as beautiful from the road!

Way to get those UFOs done, C!
The blue wave scarf is blocking. I decided to test the cashmere washing instructions on the earwarmer before dunking the whole scarf. It is still drying, but I think we have a winner. I also got a couple of inches done on the Sans Souci. More news at eleven. Or later this week anyway.

Please, if you haven't already, go vote tomorrow.
I failed to follow through on my registration (which was filled out, but then "lost" or "incomplete in 'some way'") so in this most important of elections, I cannot vote. I know, I know. Please, no comments on how or why or why not. I should have followed through, and didn't. I will not let it ruin this lovely Monday morning, though it ruined Friday's (when I found out) and it may very well ruin Wednesday's.

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