Sunday, October 31, 2004

How the hike went, and Secret Pals Revealed!

Yesterday's highlights:

Chimney Rock at Catoctin Mountain NP
Cunningham Falls (Maryland State Park)
Catoctin Furnace (National Historic Site)

And BOY HOWDY was my ass-kicked! Apparently, the City of Rockville hikes are always underrated (difficulty-wise) and underestimated (length-wise) so the 4 hour "rocky and hilly in spots and wide and easy in others" hike actually took 6 hours and was mostly rocky with a couple of 3-5oo' elevation changes. Yee-ouch!

I admit that I was very pissy a couple of times at our intrepid leader's proclivity to "exaggerate" (read: lie) about how long or far or hard the next bit of trail was. But I lived. I would have preferred that the hike be more accurately labeled. If it had been, however, I wouldn't have done it. And that would have been worse, by far.

The travelogue for Catoctin and Rhinebeck is on the to-do list today, as well as blocking the blue scarf and washing the cashmere (I can hardly stand the suspense... Will it bloom or fade?)

In SP news, I revealed myself to my Secret Pal 2 today. Her name is Nancy, she lives in BC with her wonderful family. She doesn't have a blog (yet) but described some great sounding projects via email. I had a great time corresponding with her, and of course spoiling her.

As previously mentioned, my SP was the fantastic Kim of Kim's Knitting World. She showered me with excellent, perfectly timed pressies! Thank you again, Kim!

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