Friday, October 29, 2004

You can't go home again.

And other half-truths:

You maybe can't GO home again, but you sure can COME home.

And I am glad to have finally done so. This trip was one too many. I was tired the whole time, and I couldn't drum up the energy to even TRY to meet up with other knitters (particularly painful when such cool knitting ladies are in Austin). At least it is over, and tonight I will be nestled in my very own lumpy bed instead of Hampton's really hard one.

Good things may SOMEtimes come in small packages, but just as often they come in big GIANT ones marked "SP3"!

Upon arriving from the drag-ola work trip, my Sweet Baboo presented me with a big ole box of comforting well-wishes from my SP3.

Not Pictured: A gorgeous wind chime with I-Ching coins... I have already put it up!

I can hardly stand it! A lovely wooden artist's model (I love these guys, and now feel an inexplicable urge to knit this one a tee-tiny winter sweater), a lantern moon sheep tape measure, some SUPER soft blue alpaca that makes me want to drop every thing and knit something up—but what? I am thinking maybe the cool third-eye hat from Amy Singer's great hipster knit book—some lozenges, cold care tea, honey, and ginger chews to ease me on the way to full health, and last (but oh so not least) some chocolate sheep (which were very cute... that's right were) some Tazo Calm tea, a dreamy candle, and a cheeky magnet from Loose Knits.

SP3, you are rocking my world! Comfort package is RIGHT!

No REST for the wicked, but possibly some SLEEP for the mischievous.

I am going on an eight mile hike tomorrow in the beautiful (so they say) Catoctin Mts. I need some rejuvenatin' of the kind that only having my ass-kicked by nature can provide. I am hoping to get some good pictures. My fingers are crossed that I can hobble to the computer Sunday to share them.

Oh yes, knitting content: I knit some on my trip, but not as much as I would have liked. I did finish weaving in the ends on the Eyelet Cardi. I am scared to wash it, but don't feel that it will be "done" until I try. Any thoughts, words of encouragement, or warnings y'all would like to share?

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