Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Quickly quickly (in between meetings)

My SP2 sent me that great stash of presents in the last post... She ROCKS, check her out.

This time she got me the Stitch n' Bitch book, WOO (yeah, I didn't have it yet)! She also included some great project yarn (the Patons will maybe become a Celtic hat and mittens, the Mode de Dea will possibly go into a Colinette project coming up). Best of all, she sent me some of her own handmade soap! I can't wait to be home in a bubble bath trying some of this out! Thanks again for all of the wonderful stuff, Kim... You have been a wonderful Secret Pal.

All but two ends on the Eyelet Cardi from long ago have been woven in. I kind of want to try throwing it in the washer/dryer to see if it gets to a more manageable size. Has anyone washed Elann's Endless Sonata?

I did not quite finish the cashmere scarf (the browns/tans in the first picture below), but I did knit up a head band/ear warmer to go with it (trying to use up every yard of the stuff). I will try to wash them this weekend. I am dying to see whether or not the "blooming" process works.

The SP/RAOK scarf is done. There are still quite a few scraps... Maybe an SP/RAOK toque is in my future?

I feel really drained and distracted lately. I am sure all this travel is impacting my "grounded"ness. Anyone have any good grounding exercises in their repertoire?

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