Friday, October 01, 2004

Untitled no. 7

I am taking Ryan’s wonderful advice and writing this post up in Word before even opening Blogger. Why does it take so long for me to learn?

Have you started your Blogger Bag™ for Rhinebeck? Or have you decided instead to knit a whole sweater in a week, like Stephanie, Claudia, Silvia, and Norma?

Trainers and coaches say that if you want to really make progress, find a deadline and then work your tail off to make it. This is a really great way to bust through a weight loss or fitness training plateau, you know… Find a local 5k and then sign up for it.

Now, I am not running a 5k anytime soon (that is a subject for a gloomier blog post some other day). But, it would probably do my lazy-ass well to sign up and commit to walk one.

That being said, this little knitterly marathon has proven contagious. While I am not ready to run with a whole Aran, I might possibly be trying to "walk" up a vest in time for Rhinebeck, possibly with a zipper, or maybe buttons. I am using the wonderful Lopi RAOK’d to me by the very generous Cheryl. Pictures will be forthcoming. I know that I am not one of the runners, but maybe I can finish well in my class.

In not-so happy news, the triops are dying. Turns out the water-changing is cumbersome and without a substantial time commitment to the process, ineffective. I am a little bit more sad about this than I should be. They are only shrimp after all. But it makes Sweet Baboo and my lack of “nurturing skills” very apparent. No dog for us anytime soon.

My SP3 has asked that I be more forthcoming with my travel plans, so she can time her packages. How awesome is that? I am more than happy to comply, though usually Sweet Baboo is home to safeguard any mail that arrives while I am away. The next month plus looks like this: I will be in Austin all next week, Rhinebeck two weekends later, back to Austin during the last week of October, and visiting the ILs the first weekend in November. Ack!? Travel much?

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