Sunday, October 03, 2004

Saturday FOs and a new Gallery

First things first, here is progress on my Rhinebeck Vest:

For more detail, such that there is, click here.

I got a fantastic gift from my SP3 today... Her timing couldn't be more perfect! She sent a Calligraphy quick start set (I am excited to try this out in time for xmas cards), a dreamy goat's milk soap (I ♥ rose geranium!), and a beautiful miniature photo album for 2x3 photos. How did SP3 know that I was fondling this exact photo album last Tuesday at B & N with Lara??

Um. Lara. Are you my SP3?

And of course, the whole shebang was accompanied by a very cute and funny card... Thanks SP3!

Today I took a little nature-trip to the Patuxent River to see Monarch Butterflies. Unfortunately, there were no Monarchs around. But I did get some great pictures of birds, frogs, and landscapes. I have added a link to the photos under the galleries heading on the right.

While on the ride up to the park, I finished Amon's socks!

Pattern—Basic child large from Vicki Square's Knit Great Basics (also where the vest is from, more or less).
Yarn—Lion Brand Wool-Ease in forest green and bright red (he specifically requested "green with red on top" we shall see if these really fit the bill.
Notes—I used two circular US5s. Addis Natura needles, to be exact, and I think for woolly socks I actually prefer the cheap ole Susan Bates aluminum needles. The wood has a smidge too much nice grab.

My next socks will be toe-up and short-rowed. I got some great info from the Queen of the World on this technique, and then bought a book. It wasn't chickening out, really. It was enhancing my library. Who doesn't need more books?

In any case, I will be led by the hand through the short-row brambles by Priscilla Gibson-Roberts.

No more posts until Friday, as I am back in Austin for the week. I am hoping to meet up with Lisa and the Austin SnB crowd while I am there. I will be taking the vest, the toe-up socks and a gift scarf. Cross your fingers that I have all kinds of FOs when I get back!

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