Friday, September 03, 2004

Ideas for Designer yarns...

God Save the Queen!
This would have been today's title if Fridays weren't for ideas. My wonderful UK consultants (who a couple of weeks ago got me a very cool soccer jersey) have come through again.

For a closer look at the yarn pr0n, click here

They brought back two whole Colinette Mill Packs for me (one blue, one green). Mill Packs contain first quality skeins that have unreliable or unmarked dye lots. Colinette groups them into "Palette Packs" of ten skeins each.

My new super-stash has been grouped, ungrouped, combined, and decombined into many potential projects.

Since they are all different colorways and fibers, I have been looking for some good patterns that use a skein or two. If you have recently enhanced your stash with some super fancy yarn, and don't know what to do with it, check these links out:

From Bonne Marie Burns
The fabulous Ms. B has many freebies and a couple of "so inexpensive they're practically free" patterns that would work well with luxe yarns.

From Crystal Palace
This company has amazing yarns in their own right, I love the color options in the Chenille (which relates very well to the Colinette Chenille), and Musique is dreamy (and subs just fine for Prism). The Deco Ribbon is a bit wider than either Tagliatelli or Giotto, but I bet a creative knitter could get the patterns to work for either.

  • If you don't dig the flower washcloth that was all the rage (in Knitter's, was it? and also Melanie Falick's really beautiful Weekend Knitting) or are just ready for a new shape, here's a basic square chenille washcloth (you could get around three of these from a 100g skein of Colinette's Chenille).
  • Check out the very cute Deco-Ribbon Purse. I think it would look great in Giotto (even if a little math is involved to adjust the gauge).
  • A simple seed stitch dresses up a lush Musique Scarf.

And don't forget Lion Brand
Some may scoff, but LB yarns are often a great alternative to some of the more expensive stuff. Their Thick and Quick Chenille knits up at a similar gauge as Isis or Fandango (though both have much more drape), and the Wool Ease Thick and Quick is similar to One-Zero, while the WE Chunky or Homespun is close to Skye or Prism.

Have a great weekend, and get some knit on!

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