Tuesday, August 31, 2004

NJ/NY pt. 2

Now before I continue on with the Stash Enhancement goodies, I had a really great surprise waiting for me when I returned from my trip...

Norma, on reading of my continued frustration with my sweater FOs sent me this wonderful gift:

It includes all the makings of a relaxing evening (except the willing attitude): Candles, Tasty Herbal Tea, and a Very Good Book. Plus (best of all) a very encouraging note card about the importance of process.

Thank you, Norma, this is just what I needed! Can I just say again, what a great week it has been?

So, how did you answer yesterday's question? You are in New York City, it's Saturday, and the yarn stores close in an hour. So you can only visit one (I know, the horror) which one would you choose?

I chose SchoolHouse Products.

Het-Heru in a shop sample. Click here for a bigger shop shot

The first surprise was how small it was... After walking throughout the crowded streets of the city that never sleeps, I don't know, I expected it to be like as big as a city block or something.

The second surprise was the cashmere. I didn't know that cashmere is not super soft "on the ball"... Don't laugh. I guess I just assumed it would be. So the very nice saleswoman explained the washing and blooming process patiently to me. And she assured me that the exquisitely soft scarves and hats on display were in fact the same fiber in balls (not scratchy per se, but not the fiber equivalent of shea butter either). Huh.

Of course I bought some.

Well "some." Or a little more than a pound. Who's counting?

Also, there were some really great hand-dyed colorways in various silk and cashmere blends, so I grabbed some of that. The color is truer above, the skein below is quite a bit more "dusky" or subdued. And I am a sucker for Italian imports, so I grabbed a few skeins of this great dk chenille in cream and black as well.

Whew. After that we got stuck in the rail system for a while (thanks to the Republican Convention there was much "rerouting" going on), and chatted it up with some of the couple hundred cops we saw in the station (please be kind, I was hot, tired, and bloated). Actually, there was no chatting. I just wanted to remember how damn many police there were in one spot.

And eventually, even little H had had her fill.

All in all, great week. Great trip. I am so glad I found C and she lives so close! She is a caring, vibrant, and interesting person. And I am a much better person for having known her all these years. Now we just need to get her hooked on knitting!

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