Monday, September 20, 2004

How often do you hear this?

Thank God the weekend is over.

RAOKers, Secret Pal 3, new knitting friends, and old knitting friends... I couldn't have made it without you.

I don't want to dwell on the details, but it was a trying and emotionally exhausting weekend. One good thing about Uninvited Out-of-town Guests: I did get to see some interesting things at the Smithsonian and National Gallery. And even though said guest did not have any interest in my interest in knitting (it is not, after all, an art or a science, so what is it but an almost-charmingly out-dated way for women to keep busy and waste time all at once? ... Not that I am dwelling), I briefly peeped in at the DC Knit Out and Crochet Too...

(Sarah, I really wish I could have stayed and knit for a few minutes or an hour, sorry to be gone so quickly...)

I have some pics that need posting, but it will have to wait. I need to recover tonight with a movie and a hot bath. The weather has been a little cool these last two days, and that (and the overwhelming kindness of friends and not-yet friends) is making me feel much better.

Wow....THANK YOU so much, SP2!! (I forgot I used my work address for SP2, so I had some great surprises in my mailbox.) She just sent me a fabulous prezzie! (And since the return addy is NJ, may we pass eachother on the streets of Rhinebeck Fest.)
  • More Luxury Cashmere! I am gonna be swimmin' in the stuff... this time a beautiful creamy white.
  • Moda Dea Burst in cream and warm browns (it will go great w/ the cashmere!).
  • Some very cute musical charm buttons.
  • A Chibi (Now I am finally a real knitter!!) and some sweater-shaped Dbl point protectors (I really needed these, how did you know?)
  • No. 4 bamboo dbl points, a size previously missing from my collection!

SP2, you have really made my day! Thank you again.

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