Saturday, September 18, 2004

As quick as I can, so I can go collapse...

I am so exhausted that I have little pieces of toothpick holding my eyelids open.

In Austin I met some amazing knitters, but I am too tired to write about how great it was... you can read up at (L-R) Cynthia's, Lisa's, Susan's, and Karen's.

After a long week of travel, I arrived at the airport in Austin to sunny skies but with concerns about Ivan's path Northward. Said the airline: We haven't heard anything about any delays to Dallas (this was great, because DFW shuts down if a bird sneezes). In DFW, the airline said: We haven't heard about any delays to Dulles (DC).

Then, over Dulles, this:

Yeah. Wow. That for an hour, until: "Um, ladies and gentlemen, they have evacuated the tower at Dulles due to a funnel cloud touching down at the airport. We are going to need to land at another airport, and they are currently telling us that will be Buffalo."

Excuse me? BUFFALO?! (Turned out it was Baltimore, but not for another hour and a half.)

So, tired, sans luggage (they wouldn't take it off the plane at the "wrong airport" for security reasons; remind me to rant about that particular bit of bureaucratic idiocy later), and dreading the next morning with "awkward relative," I came home and passed out.

I didn't open the substantial looking envelopes from fellow RAOK-ers, I didn't even get all excited about the little postal "we dropped a little sumpin-sumpin off at the apartment office for you" note (I love those notes so much, so much possibility in them, so fun to go to the office with the little note and say "I'd like my pressie, please!")

But hoo boy in the morning! I had Baboo get the packages from the office while I raced about getting ready for tourist-entertaining (slightly more fun than the dentist).

I can't write about how fun the night with the gals was (can't wait for the trip out there next month!), how uncomfortable and maddening today was with "estranged relative," (ugh, ugh, and UBERugh) and I can't yet gush about the great gifts from fellow RAOK-ers (Gina, Uli, and Caro, you are all the absolute best, I will write more after I get some rest)...

But I just can't sleep til I brag on this:

My SP3 has read up on me! See that little blob on the (best ever) milk bath packet? Want a closer look? It is a shiny green beetle! My SP noticed that I collect insects... she probably has no idea that I have one of those EXACT same beetles in my collection and have nearly rubbed it's soft carapace to bits... AND, there is some cashmere yarn... FANTASTIC for a woolly hat or mittens, which I am totally obsessed with right now. AND some pampery salves and things (which I can't get enough of, seriously), AND a lovely little silver box that will fit stitch markers or earrings perfectly... thank you SP! You ROCK! I hope I can be as good a pal to my own SP... This really was a great surprise to come home to. Even Sweet Baboo was impressed with the "right-on-edness" of this little bundle o' joy.

Lastly, thank you to all who sent in patterns for the contest! I got some great ideas, and can't wait for a spare moment to get going on some of them. My Sweetest Baboo drew a name out of the proverbial hat and MEGAN is getting the Wigwam. I love contests, so keep your eyes peeled for another in the not-too distant future.

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