Thursday, September 23, 2004

I have been knitting, no really, I have

I hope I can keep this blog up at least through the SP3, but I am working so much the next few months, and I feel terrible when I don't update with something...

I do have some outdated progress pics.

Here is Morehouse Merino's Pagoda hat when I boarded plane 1 to Austin:

And here is how far I got by the end of flight 2:

The color of the red is not quite as brick as the first, and not quite as pink as the second. It is a true deep crimson. (From Tess' Designer Yarns.)

Meanwhile, back at home, I have been working on a Colinette Winterthur Shawl (from Comforts) in Prism, Mohair, and Manos:

(For a detailed pic of the yummy autumnal goodness, click here.)

The colors are so wonderful, they make my mouth water and my heart leap. It is both reassuring and somewhat alarming that fiber can do this for me, but it is what it is. One of the Mohairs is Pierrot (thanks again, Monica!), and the other is (I think) Velvet Leaf. The Manos is this amazing variegated (don't have the number here) and the Prism is part of the mill pack, so I haven't the faintest idea. It is definitely greenish, but with a lot of cranberry/orange/gold and bits of brown/cream/navy.

Notice, peeking out from underneath, is a copy of Artyfacts. This great little booklet will help me use up all the onesies and twosies from my millpacks. Hats, bags, scarves, and mittens! Could it be any better? Thanks, Stacey, I think this was the book you recommended.

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