Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Bring on the snow and sleet!

Pattern: Bonne Marie's H20
Yarn: Colinette Point 5 in a dark blue/black color (one skein with a little left over)
Mods: I added a single crochet edge to the hat in the lighter One Zero, and made a few fringes for the top out of both the P5 and the 1O
Time: 2 hours, spot on!

Pattern: Started out as Bonne Marie's Buttonhole Chic, but the yarn didn't show the pattern well, so it became all seed stitch. I also added a couple of stitches to the width. Still has a button hole, and some slub fringes made from both the P5 and the 1O
Yarn: Colinette One Zero in a bright turquoise color (one skein with a little left over)
Time: Few hours (mostly to figure out a good pattern)

I liked knitting with these super bulky yarns, it is like magic watching the shape "appear" so quickly. I am not sure if I like the aesthetic for a whole sweater, but for a couple of cold-weather woollies, it's perfect!

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