Thursday, August 19, 2004

Thursday quickie

I had a great time at the knitting meetup last night! Some highlights from among the many great women and knitting:

Lara was telling hilarious stories about bikini waxes and women taking their clothes off in inappropriate places.

Sarah swapped a bucket's worth of cotton and some great yellow superwash (nephew #3 needs a binkie!) for some stamping gear. AND showed us the most adorable Anouk EVER.

Kate showed us her beautiful Berella sweater WIP.

A knitter (who's name I didn't catch) worked on a lovely mitered baby blanket in sage with a clever little pocket at the center (for a teddy bear)... Cool knitter, if you are reading this post, tell me your name!!

(And, while Michelle couldn't make it, she sent her tidings and assured us she had not given up on the meetup.)

In Travel News
I will be in New Jersey for most of next week on some business and some pleasure. I will likely not post at all while I am away.

In Weekend News
I will be demonstrating knitting at the Fair this Saturday from 11-2. I get to sit and knit for three hours and then hang out with the sheeps and goats and wander the farmer's market for the rest of the day for free! I hope to snap some pictures while there and get them up before I leave for Joisey. If you are in the neighborhood, stop by and keep me company.

In Sock News
I love knitting little toddler-sized socks on two circular needles! Pictures and a class report later...

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