Friday, August 20, 2004

Fall Ideas

Since Fridays are for Ideas... And since my favorite season, Autumn, is just around the corner... Here are some things to do to celebrate it!

In the Fun for Kids and Adults dept.:

In the Get Out of the House dept.:

  • Camping! - If you can take the time off, this is a great time to go camping. The cooler weather makes camfires, sleeping bags, and s'mores all the more welcome!
  • Hiking - In case you are too busy to take a few days off to camp, take a few hours and go on a hike. There is bound to be a good trail close to wherever you are.
  • Fall Festivals - The apples, squash, and crafts, oh my!

In the Quiet Night at Home dept.:

  • Cooking and Baking - Now that it isn't a thousand degrees in the kitchen, try out a new recipe and celebrate the season.
  • Reading - What better time to curl up with a good book in front of the fire.
  • Knit Something Wooly! - Put that pink cotton tape and funky rainbow railroad ribbon down! Time for sweaters and scarves and mittens galore! Bring out the tweeds, the fiery reds, the deep golds, and finally: all the Bulky, Chunky, Wool!


Autumn -- overlooked my Knitting --
Dyes -- said He -- have I --
Could disparage a Flamingo --
Show Me them -- said I --

Cochineal -- I chose -- for deeming
It resemble Thee --
And the little Border -- Dusker --
For resembling Me --

~Emily Dickinson

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