Monday, August 23, 2004

Old MacDonald hadda fair...


Just a quick note, as today is very hectic. I am leaving on a business trip tomorrow morning and have about a squillion things to do at work. I likely won't post again until next Monday.

How did I do at the fair? Well, I submitted three pieces for judging in the handknitting category, and I got three ribbons! That's pretty good.

Salt Peanuts - 2nd place
NQ Colinette Poncho - 3rd place
Knotwork Scarf - 2nd place

I was happy. I could talk at length about my demo session, but I will leave it at: "Glad I did it, probably once was enough."

I am not sure if I will enter again, but I have a year to decide. The fair seems to judge on qualities that I do not tend to focus on. A cross-stitcher that I demo-ed with was intimating at all sorts of intrigues and politics tied to the ribbons. My response: Not Interested! But overall it was fun, and I will get a little check worth of winnings (not enough to really be worth cashing, but worth displaying artfully with the ribbons).

And of course, before I go, gratuitous Alpaca pics:

click for a kiss

I got some of Nicolodeon's (above) wool. Also his buddies Conan, who is chocolatey and Maisie who is orangier (they didn't get to come to the fair). Maybe a nice Peruvian stranded something. Ideas? I have about 400 yds.

I also finished Grandma's Shawl last night, but you will have to wait for glamour shots until next week. Tonight, I have part two of my Woolwinder's socks on circular needles class (recommended!) and then lots of packing.

See you all when I get back!

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