Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Thank you all (or, 3 cheers for more College and less Jr High)

Where to begin? I have had too much good life karma, I should have known to expect deficiencies elsewhere (like knitting). First, to those who expressed concern for my knitterly conviction: Fear Not! I am still a total addict. My sock class has inspired me, my nephew's sweater gives good knit, and Grandma's shawl is in the final inning.

I just need to slow down and enjoy the process more. I have been racing some unknown knitter (who keeps winning) and getting sloppy and frustrated and down for not being better/faster/whatever.

{{sigh}} Somedays it's more like junior high ("must do things 'right' to fit in"), and some days more like college ("who the hell cares, I do what I want").

In the meantime...
This post is all about giving thanks.

To Jen, La, Evelyn, Jessie, Kae, and Nancy,
THANK YOU for the support and kind words about the Eyelet Cardi. I do consider it a great accomplishment. And I do love the color. I just forgot for a minute (so your reminders were well-received). Never underestimate the value of your comments here. They totally made my day.

To My Secret Pal,
Thank you SO much! Woo!! How did you know your gift of cotton/wool with the littlest bit of stretch would come the day after my first sock class??

That blue will make GREAT socks! And the book? Perfect timing! I really wanted to get a copy of this before I knuckled down into Xmas gifts.

To my Project Team,
(Not that they read this or anything.) Remember all those long, tedious meetings? My consultants are from the UK, and of course, soccer came up at one point, and I said that obviously my favorite team had to be Chelsea (whether they are any good or not, right?)... Well, in honor of all of my hard work organizing and documenting the proceedings :

(You must excuse the no-makeup, no-smile, it's-really-early-stop-screwing-around-and-just-take-the-damn-picture look about me.)

I have done a bit of creative photo-shop editing on the second one, so you can't see the letters exactly... but it is my last name. All 18 letters of it (it's hyphenated, so the first half is on top, and the second half is on the bottom). I am number 7, which is the "striker" (the player who kicks the goal in at the end of a play). I dig that. The shirt seems huge, but I have been assured by many that it is supposed to fit like that.

It was a very unexpected and super-cool thing. It totally made last week.

To Monica:
Thank you for de-stashing the dreamy Colinette Mohair my way! I love it!

And lastly,
To the person searching for "compulsive knitting" + help + anonymous... I am sorry my site was the only one returned, and I hope you found what you needed with different keywords (unless it was you, Sweet Baboo, looking for help for me, in which case, fuggetaboudit).

And for whoever was searching for knitting dingbats, I hope you meant the little font tricks like: ♥, and not fruites de loopes. (Again, unless it was my Sweetest Baboo Ever, in which case, it is not a problem, it is just knitting. Lots of people do it every spare minute of the day. And lots of people can't stop stashing yarn. And anyway I can quit whenever I want. I just don't want to.)

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