Tuesday, August 10, 2004

Rock beats scissors

And shawl beats cardi:

cardi-eating shawl

The shawl is a simple 5 stitch rib on size 15s. I am using Outback Mohair in Marengo, and am on a desperate search for a nice ribbon yarn for the fringe. I KNOW I should have searched for this elusive tape BEFORE casting the thing on and finishing two-thirds of it... But that would take some of the fun out of it.

If you have seen the Marengo in person, and know of a good ribbon (I am thinking along the lines either of Tagliatelli/Rowan or Zen/Giotto) that matches its apparently very difficult colorway, let me know!

I did pick Cardi back up last night when I ran out of balled mohair. In doing so, I discovered that my eyelet row appears to be two or three inches too high. I am ok with this (now) as long as it doesn't mean that I have put the thing together wrong from the start.

So, if you have done the sweater tell me this: the stitches that were bound off on both the body and the sleeve should line up when they are connected, right? Meaning that the only seams I will need to sew will be the underarms?

If that is true, then I think the problem is that I measured the 4 inches (after the join, before starting the eyelet row) incorrectly. I measured 4 inches along the raglan seam, not straight up from the "armpit." Since a diagonal is always shorter than two sides but longer than one, my eyelet row will be right under my freakin' chin. Which will be FINE. G*damn geometry.

Lastly, I read some great body-philosophy over at Amy's. Check out her shapely tank post. It is beautiful. I want to write more about this, but the meetingsfromhell are about to start....

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