Wednesday, August 11, 2004

The only thing in the world that matters today...

Yesterday, at 2:50am, my little sister had a baby!

Alexander, 9lbs, 8oz and 21.5 inches long

He looks gi-normous to me, but I wouldn't know about such things. I do know I am sending her some fuzzy yarn for insomnia scarves, some pampering things, and some cash.

His big brother hasn't met him yet, but we expect fireworks when the little king finds out that his house is no longer a monarchy. However, judging by the way big brother follows his big brother, I think in time they will be inseparable.

In far less important news, here is a picture from my Capitol walk.

Click here for a shot of the moat-building.

I also snapped a great shot of one of the fountains... Something about it reminds me of how these Business Process meetings make me feel, but I am not sure if I am the horse or the rider.

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